Welcome to the Social Cognition Lab at the University of Texas at Austin!

Research in our lab uses a social-cognitive approach to address three broad questions: (1) How do people make evaluative judgments about what is good or bad? (2) How do people make veracity judgments about what is true or false? (3) How do people make moral judgments about what is right or wrong? To address these questions, our research utilizes a combination of lab and online studies, explicit and implicit measures, and computational modeling. Major lines of current research include attitude formation and change, susceptibility to misinformation, and responses to moral dilemmas. In addition to these major themes, our work is concerned with basic questions of psychological measurement and meta-theoretical issues in the construction and evaluation of psychological theories.

Lab News

Bertram Gawronski plans to accept a new graduate student with interest in moral judgment, political partisanship, and/or misinformation for the fall 2023.
Congratulations to Michael Dale for successfully defending his dissertation and accepting a three-year postdoc position at Eindhoven Technical University in the Netherlands.
Welcome to Fabian Wurzinger who will join the Social Cognition Lab at UT Austin as a graduate student in the fall 2022.
Congratulations to Dillon Luke for being awarded a University Graduate Continuing Fellowship by the Graduate School of the University of Texas at Austin.
Bertram Gawronski has been selected for the Mid-Career Award by the Attitudes and Social Influence Group of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.
Congratulations to Lea Nahon for being awarded a fellowship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to visit the Social Cognition Lab in the spring 2022.
Bertram Gawronski has been selected for the 2021 Carol and Ed Diener Award by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.
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