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Our research aims at understanding social judgments and social behavior by identifying their underlying mental processes. Central questions are concerned with the antecedents, mental underpinnings, and downstream consequences of spontaneous and deliberate responses to objects, individuals, groups, and social issues. To address these questions, our research utilizes a combination of lab and online studies, explicit and implicit measures, and computational modeling. Major lines of current research include attitude formation and change, moral judgment and decision-making, and effects of misinformation. In addition to these major themes, our work is concerned with basic questions of psychological measurement and meta-theoretical issues in the construction and evaluation of psychological theories.

Lab News

May 27, 2021
Bertram Gawronski plans to accept a new graduate student for the fall 2022. More information on the application procedure is available here.
March 9, 2021
Congratulations to former graduate student Paul Conway for joining the University of Portsmouth (UK) as a senior lecturer.
March 1, 2021
Congratulations to former postdoctoral fellow Xiaoqing Hu for being identified as a Rising Star by the Association for Psychological Science.
March 1, 2021
Bertram Gawronski has been awarded a new grant from the National Science Foundation to study susceptibility to misinformation.
July 1, 2020
Congratulations to former postdoctoral fellow Adam Hahn for joining the University of Bath (UK) as a senior lecturer.
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